What links Brookside and Hollyoaks? The Weekend quiz


From leatherjackets to board games, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz

1 Which musician left the UK on 31 August 1971 and never returned?
2 Leatherjackets are the larvae of which insect?
3 Which national park is divided into Dark and White areas?
4 Alison Hansel coined what term for a board game figure?
5 What are funded by Cranborne money?
6 Who are Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis?
7 The Lorem Ipsum text is used for what?
8 Who wears egg-and-bacon ties?
What links:
Lena; Ob; Yenisei?
10 Grange Hill; Brookside; Hollyoaks?
11 Mineral extractor; under-18; talking starling?
12 Thomson, 1897; Rutherford, 1917-20; Chadwick, 1932?
13 Nine scenes from Genesis; seven prophets; five sibyls; Christ’s ancestors?
14 Eurus and Enola?
15 WBA; Huddersfield; Burnley; Ipswich; Blackburn?

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Source: www.theguardian.com