US Commission appreciates Pakistan for addressing religious freedom concerns


Washington, April 29 (KMS): The US Commission on International Religious Freedom has appreciated Pakistan government’s willingness to engage in a dialogue about how religious freedom concerns can be addressed in the country.
Referring to Pakistan in it’s annual report for the year 2019, the USCIRF appreciated the country’s efforts to reduce religious intolerance. “One of the things that has been important for us with Pakistan is that the government has been willing to engage in dialogue about how religious freedom concerns can be addressed,” said USCIRF Commissioner Sam Brownback.
The USCIFR also pointed out that in November, 2019 during the 549th anniversary celebration of the Sikh faith’s founder, Baba Guru Nanak, in Kartarpura, the Pakistani government granted visas to 3,500 Indian Sikhs to visit historic temples (gurdwaras) and carry out religious ceremonies.
In his views, Commissioner Johnnie Moore said that Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has not only voiced his support for significant reforms in Pakistani society, but he seems to be in the process of taking some practical steps necessary to begin reform while also articulating realistically the challenges reform entails for a society like Pakistan.
“I was particularly struck by a speech delivered by Prime Minister Khan in Dubai at the World Government Summit in February 2019 where he articulated his desire for a more tolerant and more pluralistic Pakistan, alluding to a golden age in Medina where there was tolerance, the rule of law, and a commitment to pursue knowledge. “He was arguing that such values are not in conflict with a majority Muslim society. Much that he said reflected a vision for Pakistan that would promote religious freedom, advance pluralism, and improve the general conditions in Pakistan,” Commissioner Johnnie Moore added.