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10.20am GMT

Steve Bruce on the outbreak of COVID-19 at Newcastle over the past week.

Steve Bruce starts with last week’s Covid-19 outbreak at the training ground:

“I have to say a big well done to the medical people at the club. It was incredible how it all developed. It’s been very, very difficult but thankfully we’re far better than where we were last Monday.”

SB: “It was a significant number of people in a tight-knit group. We will be without a chunk of players tomorrow but as of Monday we will have a few coming back that will help us. The club has done everything they can for the welfare of the players and staff.”

10.14am GMT

Slaven Bilic spoke about his West Bromwich Albion team facing Newcastle on the weekend, which is just in the process of recovering from a COVID-19 outbreak at the club.

“It looks positive, hopefully we’re going to play it and that’s good news.”

“I didn’t have any of the [Premier League] guys knocking on my door saying like they are worried because Newcastle has got a number of cases. This is serious football and the Premier League would not allow any sort of those things to happen – they wouldn’t risk the health of the players. And Newcastle wouldn’t do it.”

“It doesn’t have to be. We had a significant number of players, and they were not all weak when they came back to training. Some of them were in a shape like they were before we found out they were positive. Some of them found it a little bit more difficult.

“I don’t know the situation for Newcastle. It’s definitely not a good thing for them, but we are not expecting the guys who are unfit to start the game. It depends. It’s all individual. But we have a preparation that we are expecting a team that is fully fit, full of confidence.”

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