PM Imran expresses hope of better economic future for Pakistan


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday expressed hope of a better economic future for the country and said salaries of the working class, including police personnel, were not adequate as inflation has continued to rise over the previous several years. 

Addressing the passing out ceremony of new police recruits in Islamabad, the premier maintained that a country can not prosper till the life and property of its citizenry is safeguarded. 

“The army protects the life and property of people at the border whereas the police perform the same function internally,” the premier said. “To date, the police in the country has not gotten the status which it deserves.”

Acknowledging disparity in salary, the prime minister said he would consult the finance minister for equalising the salaries of the capital’s police force with that of Punjab’s. 

“I am not a king but a prime minister, so I have to consult my finance minister,” the premier said and added that the government has also cut its spending by 40 to 70 per cent. He also said that the current account was in surplus due to the government’s measures.

“This country has everything, only governance needs to be fixed,” he said, “Until our income does not increase, the whole nation will have to be patient.”

Addressing the recruits, the prime minister said health cards will be provided to personnel of the Islamabad police and advised them to stick to the path of righteousness.

“To walk on the righteous path is not easy but there is a success. To tread on an evil path is tempting and easy but it leads to destruction,” the premier said while giving an example of the time when he refused the offer to play in South Africa during his cricketing days.

“I would have gotten a lot of money but no respect had I played there [South Africa]. I had to support a racist government there,” he said. 

He further said that the previous governments also had two paths to choose from. They could have chosen a righteous path, but they choose one which was now humiliating them.

“They have so much money that they themselves do not know how much they have,” PM Imran said. “Sometimes they go to hospitals, sometimes out of the country. Their children also run away and have to lie to save their fathers’ stolen money.”

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— Radio Pakistan (@RadioPakistan) December 23, 2020