Kashmir- The Band Keeping the Magic alive during Quarantine with ‘Faislay’


Kashmir- The band is back with a new version of their original ‘Faislay,’ and it’s worth all the hype. They have captivated many with their entertaining stage presence and music which is out of this world, yet still manage to stick to the rock culture. Their music never fails to leave us completely and utterly spellbound.

Amidst the national lockdown, Kashmir performed the stripped version of their original, “Faislay.” This piece is tender and colorful in the lyrics, even though the video is black and white. It definitely passes the summer vibe check with its warm beat. They have performed this song in The Pepsi Battle of the Bands before, and now, they’ve re-recorded a new version during the quarantine. The video features the members of the band performing in their houses, which makes it genuinely connect with the fans, and gives them a new heartfelt piece to rejoice.

The band said, “‘Faislay’ is a song we composed and wrote long before taking part in Pepsi Battle of the Bands,” the group posted on their Instagram with the caption. “The funny story is, when we were put into the danger zone, we decided to play this song without any prior practice for months. It was impromptu and straight from the heart. So here’s a stripped-down version, planned, but still straight from the heart.”

The song begins with mellow guitar music teamed up with Bilal Ali’s soothing vocals. The overall experience of listening to the stripped-down version is heartwarming. The country needed this masterpiece in this challenging situation as we all struggle with life at home. The music composition and the instrumental are undeniably remarkable in ‘Faislay’. It’s rhythmic, has uplifting notes at the beginning, and the timing of the beat is well managed.

Kashmir has efficaciously won the hearts of many since the beginning, and this time again they’ve brought us music relief right when we needed it the most. The band has always given us the music we can relate to, something exceptional, and something that will be forever embossed in our hearts.

Listen to the band performing a stripped-down version of ‘Faislay’ here.



Source: paperazzi.pakistantoday.com.pk