How to turn excess veg into chopped salad – recipe | Waste not


If you’ve got an abundance of veg, leaves and fruit, you can rustle up a delicious one-pot meal in minutes

Inventing your own chopped salad recipe is a great way to release your inner chef and use up an abundance of salad leaves, as well as raw and cooked fruit and vegetables. Imagine you’re at an American-style salad bar, choose what you fancy, letting your tastebuds guide you through your creation, then simply chop and combine. In my fridge I’ve currently got some courgette, broccoli, rhubarb, cooked chickpeas and oregano. Even this experimental combination of ingredients made for a wonderful, one-pot meal, topped with a few store cupboard items such as pumpkin seeds, chilli and za’atar (pictured).

As for the dressing, I much prefer the simplicity of dressing a salad in the bowl with nothing more than oil and a little lemon juice or vinegar, salt and pepper. But that’s not to say there’s no benefit to experimenting with the addition of other condiments, cheese, mustard, garlic, etc, too.

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