Hope Solo says she was bullied in USWNT's privileged 'mean girls club'

  • Goalkeeper said environment helped make her tougher
  • Solo says long fight for equal pay must continue

Hope Solo says she encountered hostility when she first entered the United States national team set-up.

“When you grow up on the national team, there was a mean girls club,” she told the BBC’s The Players podcast. “It was a mean girls club. Most players have come from rich, white families. That is the culture of the United States women’s national team. It is a very privileged, white culture. I remember Carli [Lloyd] and I always talking about the culture: ‘We have to change this culture’. Carli and I were very welcoming, we weren’t bullies. We were very nice to the young kids coming in, but I think it’s because we were bullied.

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Source: www.theguardian.com