Global report: India's Covid-19 case total surpasses Italy's


Indian health ministry reports 9,887 new cases; China confirms three new cases; Russia’s death toll continues to rise

India has overtaken Italy as the sixth worst-affected country, after another biggest single-day rise in confirmed Covid-19 infections.

India’s health ministry reported 9,887 new cases on Saturday, bringing the official total to 236,657. The country has fewer confirmed cases than only the USBrazilRussiaBritain and Spain.

Poland plans to extend a ban on international flights until 16 June due to Covid-19

Australia’s deputy prime minister, Michael McCormack, said warnings by China that its citizens are not safe from racist attacks related to the coronavirus pandemic in Australia are based on “false information”

Indonesia reported its biggest daily rise in Covid-19 infections, with 993 new cases, taking its total official number to 30,514

The Philippines’ health ministry reported seven new coronavirus deaths and 714 additional infections. The total death toll stands at 994, while official cases have reached 21,340

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