Bruised or old apples are perfect for this chocolate charlotte – recipe | Waste not


Even a tired-looking apple can be turned into storable sauce, vinegar and any number of desserts, including this, winter’s answer to summer pudding

Apples tend to be heavily sprayed and covered in wax to maintain appearance. Organic apples aren’t sprayed to the same degree, or with synthetic chemicals, and nor are they soaked in fungicides and wax, which is clearly better for us and the planet, but it can also shorten their shelf life. Apples with just a blemish or two are still fine to eat raw, but as they age and wither, it’s probably best to cook them.

Plain apple sauce is the simplest option, and makes a sweet, fibrous, gut-healing breakfast. Crumbles, cobblers and bettys are all good ways to convert a tired apple into more than the sum of its parts. However, topping my current list of favourite puddings is the charlotte, which is like a warm winter version of summer pudding.

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