Bilal Abbas Khan’s scene-stealing act in Pyar Ke Sadqay


Bilal Abbas Khan is without a doubt an actor who is in a league of his own. He has always picked roles that challenge him, scare him, and excite him as compared to other television stars who choose to remain in their comfort zone. Unlike them, Bilal didn’t step into the industry with that mindset. He is leaving behind a body of work that inspires and motivates young and upcoming talent.

Khan believes in taking the road less traveled. He never got stuck with a certain brand of acting or entertainment. He proved that with his breakthrough performance in last year’s Cheekh. It was a show where we got to see him in the darkest of shades that we never expected from him. There were no ‘grey shades’ to Wajih, the character he played in the show. He was an out and out negative character that shocked everyone. It was a bone-chilling performance and Abbas Khan deserved every bit of praise and acclaim that came his way.

This year, Bilal managed to surprise us once again by playing the goofy, shy, but extremely good-hearted Abdullah in Pyar Ke Sadqay. He stars opposite Yumna Zaidi on the show and has continued to impress people with his innocent portrayal of an introvert guy who falls in love with Mahjabeen, a livewire of a girl with no filter in her mouth. Bilal adds the much-needed calmness to a frame that is bumbling with Mahjabeen’s chaotic energy.

Abdullah’s character might have been a tricky one on paper. He is gullible, scared, easy to manipulate, and can often become a victim to other’s people’s evil schemes because of his trusting nature. But Bilal excels in every scene while playing him. His nervousness around his strict father, his speechlessness in front of Mahjabeen’s antics, and his love for his mother are all so believable. Everyone can find a bit of themselves in Abdullah because of the conviction and sincerity with which Bilal Abbas essays the role.

In the latest episode, a scared Mahjabeen hugs Abdullah from behind after her encounter with Abdullah’s father. He realizes she’s crying and asks her what’s wrong. Right when she’s about to answer his question, Abdullah’s father enters the room. He tells them that Mahjabeen’s father is sick and she should go see him. Aware of his lecherous ways, she insists on going with the driver and Abdullah agrees but his father insists on dropping her himself. In a matter of few minutes, Abdullah goes through several emotions; from surprised to concerned, to angry to afraid, to putting up a brave front in his father, to being indifferent about the whole thing. It’s all so genuine and relatable, and that’s the genius of Bilal Abbas Khan.

Bilal Abbas Khan steals the show in every scene he’s a part of. Every expression and emotion that he enacts is genuine and earnest. It is safe to say that Bilal Abbas Khan has yet another winner on his hands with Pyar Ke Sadqay.