Australia v India: third Test, day five – live!


12.07am GMT

50th over: India 138-3 (Pujara 22, Pant 27) There are two big footmarks creating rough patches outside Pant’s off stump, and Lyon is trying to land the ball in them. He drops short though, and Pant smacks him through point for four. That’s a decent shot, out of the middle. Unlike the next one, which is sliced down the ground for four more. He charges it and goes for the long-on shot again, but gets a huge leading edge. He has the fortune that it gets some distance rather than going straight up, and that it slices dead straight rather than carrying to long off, who is back with mid on up to tempt those shots. The wicket’s in the mail if he keeps pushing this envelope. He’s taken 21 from Lyon’s last two overs.

12.03am GMT

49th over: India 130-3 (Pujara 22, Pant 19) Another run to start the next over, Pant dropping one to cover and Pujara calls him through, Pant a second slower to get moving and that nearly costs him as the throw comes in at the non-striker’s end with the batsman at full stretch. It misses. Slip, gully, point, cover, mid on, forward square, short leg, backward square, long leg for Pujara. He goes under a bouncer, then leaves one angling in at off stump but missing, and plays the one angling in that was on line. Great judgement from Che. He’s faced 75 balls thus far.

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