Ancelotti backs dementia research and reveals motor neurone disease fear

  • Everton manager refers to treatment as player in Italy
  • ‘I had a teammate, Stefano Borgonovo, who died from ALS’

Carlo Ancelotti has said he fears not only developing dementia in later life but also motor neurone disease as a consequence of treatment he received as a player in Italy.

The Everton manager made the frank admission while backing calls for more research into links between dementia and football. The 61-year-old, a key midfielder in the great Milan team that dominated European football in the late 1980s, admitted players of his generation were also anxious about possible links between MND and treatments they were given to recover from injury. He cited the example of former teammate Stefano Borgonovo, who died in 2013 aged 49 and campaigned against doping in football after being diagnosed with what is also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

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