Am I having a life crisis. Or is this just life? | Coco Khan


In recent weeks I’ve found myself frustrated, directionless, intensely nostalgic – and staring into the fridge

I have a theory that, much as the pandemic accelerated inevitable societal changes – working from home, e-schooling, the end of cash – it also accelerated inevitable personal changes. Take friendships. A 2016 study found that we accumulate friends until 25, then steadily lose them as we age. But chuck a pandemic in there and we’re all down to six. A US survey from last year earmarked 39 as the age people start thinking about changing careers. Yet in light of Covid, 50% of Brits are thinking that very thing.

Which might explain why, in lockdown two, I’ve found myself frustrated, directionless and nostalgic for the past (specifically brunch: I really miss brunch); and why each day I plod around thinking about everything and nothing, staring into the fridge. It can mean only one thing. I’m having a pandemic-induced early midlife crisis.

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